Top 10 Highest Paid YouTubers in Nepal


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YouTube is one of the easiest ways to watch, share, and upload one’s own content. The video content may be DIY stuff, cover songs, dance videos, makeup tutorials, and many others. These days there are thousands of people who have created their own channels on YouTube and among them, some of them have managed to win the hearts of Nepali people worldwide. Below listed are the top 10 highest paid YouTubers in Nepal.

Top 10 Highest Paid YouTubers in Nepal from 10th position to 1st position, have a look:

  1. Aayush Rimal

Aayush Rimal is one of the most popular YouTubers among the youngsters of Nepal. He is very well known for his entertaining videos. He has 178K total subscribers and has a monthly earning of 20 thousand. His content is best for laughing. Also, he has unique video editing skills in comparison to other YouTubers. He is currently living in Texas but still manages to make videos in context to the current situation of Nepal.

  1. Sisan Baniya

Sisan Baniya is the most popular personality in Nepal. He is one of the genuine and loved YouTubers of Nepal. He is listed in the bottom because he doesn’t upload much as other YouTubers do because he is mostly involved in other projects and other YouTube channels: Paragym TV. But still, he has the most amazing editing skills and his vlogs look like a full package movie. His vlogs are worth a wait. He manages to earn 15-20 thousand from his channel.

  1. Sushan Maharjan | SMZ

Sushan Maharjan, also known as SMZ is the most popular moto-vloggers of Nepal. SMZ is one of the fastest growing channels of YouTube and also the most preferred one. His vlogs usually contain his daily life activities and his journey in his own RC 390. His videos are quite entertaining and he has quite dope editing skills. In just a few months he has managed to cross 100K subscriber and now earns 15-20 thousand from Youtube.

  1. James Shrestha

The UK based vlogger, James Shrestha joined Youtube in April 2015. James content usually has his daily life vlogs when traveling from one place to another and also many reaction videos. James also used to be a very preferred singer in back days but stopped his singing career lately. James has managed to gain more 300K subscribers and earns 20-25 thousand from Youtube.

  1. Ming Sherap

Ming Sherap is the most popular Youtuber among Nepali youngsters. The 18-yr old Ming is very well known for his comic timing and short videos. He has managed to gain popularity at a very small age and a short amount of time. His video content has a lot of sarcasm towards the Nepali community and also some physical comedy. Ming has more than 350K subscribers and has an average monthly earning of 20-25 thousand from Youtube.

  1. Girish Khatiwada
    Top 10 Highest Paid YouTubers in Nepal - Girish Khatiwada of of them

Similar to Chetan Karki, Girish Khatiwada is a Nepali lifestyle vlogger as well as a famous rapper of his days. His content covers his daily life vlogs and also the activities that he performs when he is traveling from one place to another. He also features his own song sometimes in his videos. He also has more than 200K subscribers with monthly earning of 30-35 thousand from Youtube.

  1. Chetan Karki

Not only a Youtuber but also Chetan Karki is a musician. He is a daily life vlogger whose content covers all his daily activities. He also sometimes uploads his own composed songs or cover songs with his own daughter Dixita Karki.  He has a monthly earning of 45-50 thousand with more than 200K subscribers and 1.3M views monthly.

  1. Sabin Karki

Sabin Karki was one of the members of the Cartoonz Crew. But now, he has started his own journey in YouTube with his two channels: Beest official and Sabin Karki Beest. He keeps in content updated in both of his channels. He keeps his dance videos in one account and short vines in another account. His vines also feature some contemporary artists. He has managed to gain 300K subscribers in both of his accounts and has a monthly view of 1.9 million people.

  1. Cartoon crewz

Every Nepali these days is familiar with the name Cartoonz Crew. They are among the famous dance groups of Nepal. With their dance videos on YouTube, they have managed to gain name, fame, and respect from people all over the country and outside. They now have their own office and studio in Kathmandu. They have managed to gain 950K subs with 1.6M views monthly with a monthly earning of 4-5 lakhs.

  1. Sagar Gurung | iamsega

Leaving every Youtubers behind, Sagar Gurung has managed to be at the topmost position for the richest Youtubers of Nepal. The channel named “iamsega” is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels of Nepal. His content mainly contains cover songs, travel videos, reaction videos, challenge videos and many more. He has quite good editing skills and also he can take the best drone shots making his content different from other vloggers and Youtubers. In a very short period of time, he has entirely managed to gain more than 900K subscribers and has a monthly earning of 6-7 lakhs.

So, this is all about the “Top Nepali YouTubers” who come up to “Top 10 Highest Paid YouTubers in Nepal” list on the basis of their earnings from YouTube. What do you think! Please comment below your thoughts on this.

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