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Last Updated on Friday, July 17, 2020 by Rabindra Ghemosu

If you love tech ideas and want to be updated with it, then this blog-post is just for you. As per views, subscribers and channel popularity, here are those Top 10 Best Nepali Tech Channels.

Latest update on Top 10 Best Nepali Tech Channels on YouTube are as follows:

  1. YouTech Nepal

YouTech Nepal - Top 10 Best Nepali Tech Channels

YouTech Nepal channel was launched on 26th Jun 2017. It has current 1643 subscribers. Also, till date, it has a total of 100K + views. This channel basically makes videos on topics like unboxing, review, and talk about the latest technology in their own way in typical Nepali language. We wish them best wishes.

  1. Evergreen Tech Tips

evergreen Tech Tips

Evergreen Tech Tips channel was launched on 19th Jul 2016. It has current 1597 subscribers. It has already gained 400K + views. This channel provides you 24/7 troubleshooting tech tips, guide you on computer problems and solutions, web tech tutorial, Android mobile tips and tricks, online banking guide, earning money online, SEO and Digital Marketing, data recovery, and talks about photo editing, video editing and Technology News and guide.

  1. Gadgets In Nepal

Gadgets In Nepal

 Gadgets In Nepal was launched on 18th Dec 2011. Seems like this channel is very old. It has gained a total of 400K + views. It talks about the review, unboxing, hands-on, apps, games, tips & tricks, Q&A and more videos related to smartphones and other gadgets in Nepali and English language both. There is a total of 7,967 subscribers on this channel. We expect more updated videos from this channel. Best wishes.

  1. Technology Channel

Top 10 Best Nepali Tech Channels - TECHNOLOGY CHANNEL

Technology Channel was launched on YouTube on 16th July 2017. It has reached its remarkable 600K + views. It talks about Technology, Programming, IT in the Nepali language. Its main aim is to help other people learn, grow via Technology aspects. If you have any queries and want to learn related to tech, you can ask on this channel. We are very happy to have this channel on YouTube.

  1. Nepali Technical

Nepali Technical

Nepali Technical channel was launched on 29th Oct 2017. It has 27,562 number of subscribers and gained already 500K + views. This channel creates videos related to latest tech updates, tips, guide and tutorials.

  1. TechLekh

Top 10 Best Nepali Tech Channels - TechLekh

TechLech is another trending channel in the technology category for Nepal. This channel was launched on 25th Aug 2015. It has gained 600K + views already. Its subscribers’ number is hidden. In our guess, it is very near to 100K subscribers count. It focuses on Gaming PC, Gadgets Unboxing, Laptop Reviews, Auto Reviews, Gadgets Reviews and many more. It keeps its viewer active via Giveaway too.

  1. GadgetByte

Top 10 Best Nepali Tech Channels - GadgetByte

Another Nepali YouTube channel loved by many tech lovers from Nepal is the GadgetByte. We love the regular updates prepared by it. GadgetByte was launched on 13th March 2013. It has gained remarkable 8Million+ views and has 90,183 number of subscribers. This channel explores Laptop, Gadgets, Opinion, Phones, etc and makes reviews of them in a very nice way. Also, it keeps its viewer active via Giveaway.

  1. Onic Computer

Top 10 Best Nepali Tech Channels - Onic Computer

Onic Computer channel was launched on 20th March 2017. The channel has been verified from YouTube already with 188,542 subscribers and already gained 6Million + views. As per the channel owner, he writes “यो च्यानलले मोबाइल, कम्प्युटर र इन्टरनेट सम्बन्धी बिभिन्न प्रकारका Tutorial Videos यहाँहरू माझ पस्किन्छ ।” Channel is up to date with different fresh and useful tech videos. You can subscribe to it if you have not done yet. Best Wishes to Onic Computer as well for huge success in the coming days.

  1. VMAG


Well, you might be wondering why this channel comes to 2nd position. This channel was launched on 16th Jan 2014. It has gained 282,769 subscribers and of course 59Million+ views. Also, this channel is already verified from YouTube with official tick mark Well, you can have a different taste with catchy video shots and clean ideas of tech videos as well. Besides videos of Oshin Sitaula and her tasty journey or with interviews, you can check out up-to-date tech videos. The tech videos basically relate to Cyber Security, gadgets, Nepali entrepreneur with tech ideas and business, auto review, latest tech updates in Nepal and all. You can check VMAG’s playlist named after “Vmag The Review Show”. You should definitely subscribe to it as well.

  1. Explore Gadgets

Top 10 Best Nepali Tech Channels - Explore Gadgets

In No. 1 we have “Explore Gadgets”. This channel is so amazing with various tech videos. The explanation is so good. The videos are so catchy and full of useful tech ideas. Explore Gadgets was launched in 26th Jul 2012. It has gained 100Million + Views and of 540,000 subscribers. Explore Gadgets is already verified from YouTube. This channel creates videos related to awesome Tech & Gadgets, Android Apps & Games, Leaks, Rumors, Comparison, iOS Apps & Games, Tutorials, How-Tos and many more.

So, these are the Top 10 Best Nepali Tech Channels of Nepal. If you want to know how much these channels earn, please comment us below and subscribe to this website. We will be bringing a more useful update. Share and Subscribe.

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