This is How Sakimana Punhi Festival is Celebrated With Nau Baja


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Each year on the full moon day of the Sakimana Punhi, farmers offer their harvest to Mother Earth with respect and thanks. The Newar community observes the day by making figures of deities with fried grains and singing religious hymns by playing traditional instruments like Naubaja and all. Sakimana Punhi is also referred as Dipawali celebrated by Gods and Goddesses. You can see different figures of temple and Gods decorated with fried grains during Sakimana Punhi celebrated at the different Newar locality.

Sakimana Punhi

This mesmerizing festival is celebrated once a year exactly on Full Moon Day of Kartik Month (Nepali Calendar). This year, Sakimana Punhi was celebrated on Saturday, November 04, 2017. You can see the mesmerizing festival followed in Newar localities of the Kathmandu Valley (especially in Bhaktapur).

Different Toles of Bhaktapur City where this Sakimana Punhi is Celebrated:

1. Taumadhi Square (Bhairab Nath Temple)
2. Narayan Chowk (Narayan Temple)
3. Gahiti Tole (Ganesh Temple)
4. Bulucha Tole (Bulucha Bhairab Nath)
5. Nasamana Tole (Nas Temple)
6. Dumla Tole (Ganesh Temple)
7. Degamana Tole (Ganesh Temple)
8. Bansagopal Tole (Barahi Temple)
9. Itachhen Tole (Ganesh Temple)
10. Khauma Tole
11. Tripurasundari Tole (Tripurasundari Temple, Jagannath Temple)
12. Golmadhi Temple
13. Dattatreya Square (Dattatreya Temple)
14. Tala Tunchi Tole
15. Brahmayeni Dubcha
16. Suryamadhi Tole (Narayan Chowk – Narayan Temple) and finally to
17. Lakolachhen Tole (Bhairab Rath – chariot)

Here is the video of Sakimana Punhi Festival Celebration:

Videography: Ryu
Video Editor: Rabindra

Nau Baja Dhun (Melody):

About Nau-Baja:
The Newar community of Kathmandu Valley has a rich culture. Naubaja (collection of more than nine instruments) is the masterpiece of art and culture. The dazzling sound of instruments like dhime, dha, nya-khin and damo khin among others echo in corners and gullies of the ancient city of Kathmandu Valley during the Jatra as well as on other days in other venues. Other than the charm of playing, the instruments hold history. It is believed that Nau Baja has been handed down from one generation to another. Newar Community plays this Nau-Baja during festivals like Sakimana Punhi (Kartik Poornima – a Full Moon Day).

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