Nga Lakayeu Jatra (Romantic Dance Of Seto Bhairav & Mahakali)


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Nga Lakayeu (ङ्गा लाकेगु) or Nga Lakegu is the typical Newar words. The words actually represent the most famous and oldest Nepali Festival. This festival is also called Machha Marney Jatra in Nepali National words. This festival is especially celebrated among Newar Community in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Bhaktapur is the city in Kathmandu Valley (Central Development Region). But, it shows equality and harmony among all Nepalese people. Anyone can observe and participate in this festival and enjoy as well.

Nga Lakayeu

Pic: ‎Ayush Shakya

Besides, this festival is one of the oldest festivals in Nepal. It was being handed over by our late-late-late ancestors to new generations. As a result, Bhaktapur and Newar Community are working in harmony to preserve this festival. This festival starts every year from month of Nepali Calendar that is Magh or in between January from English Calendar. And, this festival continues for next 6 months. The most beautiful part of this festival is the romantic dance of Seto Bhairav & Mahakali.

Nga Lakayeu

Pic: ‎Saurav Bajracharya (Smile Behind The Mask)

Romantic Dance Of Seto Bhairav & Mahakali (Nga Lakayeu Jatra):

Seto Bhairav is also called Suti Bhaila. “Suti” in Newari means whistle and children whistle to tease this Suti Bhaila. He is the only one who is allowed to dance with Mahakali. Their dance is somehow romantic. Besides, this sexual licentiousness may relate to the fertility and increase of the crops.

Fishing Dance is one of the most interesting parts of the Navadurga dance. In this dance, the dancers chase, capture and then symbolically sacrifice boys and young men. This Nava Durga Dance is performed in each of Bhaktapur’s 24 toles. Also, this dance is performed in other places like Sankhu, Panauti, Banepa, Thimi too.

Nga Lakayeu

Pic: Santosh Suwal (Two Small Dev Gon Are Posing For Photo.)

It is a tradition of living in 19 dancers, with 13 pieces of salt and 12 pieces by mixing it. Devgans dance as a newborn, such as Bhairav, Mahakali, Barahi, Ganesh, Brahmanayani, Kumari, Maheshwari, Bhadrakali, Indrani, Dumtsingh, Mahadev and Whitewaters.

Nga Lakayeu

Pic: Mintu Awal

This is how the Nga Lakayeu or Machha Marney or Fishing Event is held; here is the video:

This festival is always there in shades and happiness of human life in Nepal Community. It played a vital part in showing what human life is for. If you loved this piece of information, let’s share it with friends and family. If you want to get more information, feel free to ask us by commenting below. Happy Nga Lakayeu Jatra Celebration. Also, you can check out our next post of Bisket Jatra (Oldest Festival in Bhaktapur).

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