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Newar (नेवार) are the historical inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley and its surrounding areas in Nepal and the creators of its historic heritage and civilization.

Newa music, also spelled Newar music, is traditional music developed in Nepal by the Newars. The music has its roots in classic Hindu and Buddhist music. It evolved with the incorporation of folk music of the Kathmandu valley and its peripheries. Musical instruments mainly consist of percussion and wind instruments. Traditional music refers to the music from the 16th century during the rule of King Mahendra Malla to the first decade of the 20th century.

Apart from traditional music, there also exists popular modern music and songs. Enjoy all collection of Newari Songs and Videos Here.

Sirsaya Hegu Original – Super Hit Newari Song | Sabita Malakar

“OH MAICHA” Brijesh Shrestha x Barsha Karmacharya (Official Video)

Jigu Baisha | Devika Bandana & Rajesh Maharjan | Newari Song 2015

WO CHU GALLI……PANBATI || New Newari Movie Song 2015/2073 Nepal Bhasa Movie Song

Jamachwo Waa – New Newari Hit Song 2016\2073 | Sanubabu Maharjan | Chamati Multi Purpose

Man Magan | NEWA VERSION – Deepak Bajracharya | New Nepali Song 2018/ 2075 | Official Music Video

Maicha – Emerge (Official lyrical video)

Hai Hai Re Kanchhi Ft. Ashishma Nakarmi – New Nepal Bhasha Newari Song 2017/2073

HATHYA CHAYMATE….By Madan Krishna Shrestha || New Newari Movie Song 2016/2073 || TUYUMATI

Khula Khula | New Newari Song 2017/2074 | Madan Krishna Shrestha

Masyu Jita Chhu Ju Chhu Ju | New Newari Song 2017/2074 | Rosy Dangol Shrestha

Newari Song (Waa maya waaवा माया वा वा, जिम्थ्या लाछी वा)

Newari Song (Swayagu mana jula re स्वयगु मन जुल रे)

Fagu Punhiya Holi – Sanu Babu Maharjan, Satish , Deepa & Ratna Shova | Nepal Bhasa Song 2075/2019

Thau Kane – Emerge (Official Audio)

newari song (rajamati kumati by bhim tuladhar

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