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Nepali Full Movies | Best Nepali Movies From Old Is Gold To New Nepali Movies Are As Below:

  • Kalo Pothi (For Now, an exclusive Trailer)

Nepali feature film awarded with BEST FILM AWARD at Venice International Film Festival Critic’s Week, Italy, and SPECIAL MENTION at 34th International Film Festival of Uruguay and a co-production of Nepal, Germany, Switzerland, and France.

The year 2001, a temporary ceasefire brings a much-needed break to a small war-torn village in Northern Nepal, bringing much joy among the residents. PRAKASH and KIRAN, two young close friends, are also starting to feel the change in the air. Though they are divided by caste and social creed, they remain inseparable and start raising a hen gifted by Prakash’s sister, with hopes to save money by selling her eggs. However, the hen goes missing. To find it, they embark on a journey, innocently unaware of the tyranny brought by the fragile ceasefire.

Director: Min Bahadur Bham
Screenplay: Min Bahadur Bham, Abinash Bikram Shah
Story: Min Bahadur Bham, Abinash Bikram Shah, Santosh Bhattarai, Kushang Rai
Producers: Anna Katchko, Tsering Rhitar Sherpa, Min Bahadur Bham, Debaki Rai, Catherine Dussart, Anup Thapa
Line Producers: Hom Raj Bham, Upendra Bahadur Shahi
Director of Photography: Aziz Zhambakiyev
Music: Jason Kunwar
Singer: Ani Choying Drolma
Editors: Nimesh Shrestha, Aziz Zhambakiyev
Sound Designer: Bipin Sthapit
Production Designer: Suman Nidhi Sharma
Art Director: Menuka Rai
Costume Designers: Nanda Keshar Bham, Tara Khatri
Casting Director: Hira Bijul;i Nepali
Acting Coach: Pravin Khatiwada
Make – Up Artist: Nima Lama
Production Unit Manager: Dipesh Bhandari
Production Managers: Rajesh Prashad Khatri, Akki Thekpa
Script Analyzing Team: Anna Katchko, Kiran Pokharel, Suraj Poudel, Pawan Adhikari, Hira Bijuli Nepali, Suman Nidhi Sharma, Sujit Bidari and Tsering Choden Lama
Direction Team: Kiran Pokharel, Kiran Shrestha, Imanuel Bikram Shah
Music for Trailer and TV Ad: Sangam Panta
Sound Design/Mixing for Trailer, Song and TV Ad: Kishore Acharya

STARS: Khadka Raj Nepali, Sukraj Rokaya, Jit Bahadur Malla, Benisha Hamal, Khadka, Nanda Prashad Khatri, Bipin Karki, and Pravin Khatiwada

Venice International Film Festival Critic’s Week
Winner – Best Film

34th International Film Festival of Uruguay
Winner – Special Mention

  • Nepali Movie – “Darpan Chhaya” || Super Hit Nepali Movie || Dilip Rayamajhi, Uttam, Niruta Singh


Siddhanta Films Pvt. Ltd. Presents
A Film By Sharwan Ghimire
Movie : Darpana Chhaya
Director : Tulshi Ghimire
Cast : Niruta Singh, Dilip Rayamajhi, Uttam Pradhan, Tika Pahadi,
Music : Ranjit Gajmer

  • KAGBENI – Nepali Movie – Starring Saugat Malla, Diya Maskey, Nima Rumba

  • LOOT | Nepali Full Movie | Nischal Basnet | Saugat Malla | Dayahang Rai | Reecha Sharma


Kathmandu, the city of dreams and hopes. Kthamandu is home to the dreamers, it’s the city achievers. Life blooms in Kathmandu, life gets destroyed in Kathmandu. Some win shile the others lose. Some find luck easily, While some struggle the hard way.
Loot is the story for five guys who find quick ways success and accomplishement. It a quest for quick money and better life. In a place where the crime rates are ascending day by day, Loot draws a reality check on the present security system of the city.
Loot is about relationships: it’s about friendship and betrayal. Loot is the real picture of Kathmandu: the city of crime and lawlessness like never explored before
Casts: Saugat Malla, Daya hang Rai, Karma, Praween Khatiwada, Prateek Raj Neupane, Sushil Raj Pandey, Srijana Subba, Sushma Karki, Kameshwor Chaurasia.
Cinematographer: Purushottam Pradhan
Choreographer: Gambhir Bista
Lyrics: Nischal Basnet, Roshan Thapa, KiranTuladhar.
Dialogues: Nischal Basnet, Daya Hang Rai, Saugat Malla.
Editor: Surendra Poudel
Producers: Madhav Wagle, Narendra Maharjan
Story/Screenplay/Direction: Nischal Basnet

All Rights Reserved © Hi-Tech Entertainment Pvt.Ltd 2014

  • “Hostel”:Nepali Movie | Anmol KC |Prakriti Shrestha|Salon Basnet | Gaurav Pahadi


Movie Hostel Is based On Lifestyle Of Every Hostler.
Where Parents Take Their Ward To Hostel.
Where Their Ward Gets Spoiled Because Of Not Having Proper Guidence.
Movie Hostel Is Based On The Same Story.
And The Movie Goes On With Many Burdens And obstacles.
This Movie Gives A Good Knowledge To The New Generations

Title:Nepali Movie:HOSTEL
Director:Hem Raj BC

Producer: Sunil Rawal
Banner: Durgish Films
Cast: Anmol KC Prakriti Shrestha Salon Basnet Sunil Rawal Gaurav Pahadi B.S Rana
Production Manager: Yam Parsad Oli

  • Mero Euta Sathi Chha | Nepali Full Movie | Namrata Shrestha | Aaryan Sigdel


Jay is too spoiled to inherit his grand father’s vast wealth. When he falls to graduate from college, his grandfather’s will sends him back to his ancestral village where, long ago, he had made a friend. Sikha, Jay’s estranged childhood friend, helps Jay rediscover his humanity. But Shikha is very sick. She shares her dreams with Jay – to rebuild the orphanage where she lives. Jay realizes that this life where he can choose nothing, where money buys nothing important, is dearer to him than a life full of privilege. Can he save Shikha and marry her? Will their dream come true? Will Jay re-inherit his ancestral wealth? Mero Euta Sathi Chha is a heartwarming story of loss and love, a lesson about what if more important in life.

All Rights Reserved © Hi-Tech Entertainment Pvt Ltd 2014

  • Uma | Nepali Full Movie | Tsering Rhitar Sherpa | Saugat Malla | Reecha Sharma | Dayahang Rai


The Maoists insurgency in the 1990s is a murky chapter in the history of Nepal. While it has led to a wave of dialogue and debate for much-needed change it has left the country in shambles.
Nepal is still picking up the pieces. Patriotism has since grown louder among Nepalis but the aftermath of the 10-year conflict has polarised Nepali society and the effects of the ‘People’s war’ is still starkly evident.

Set in the early 2000s, during the Maoist insurgency, when Nepal was going through one of the biggest conflicts in the country’s history, UMA is a story about a widowed mother (Mithila Sharma) and her two children – son Milan (Saugat Malla) and daughter Uma (Reecha Sharma). Inspired by true events, the film’s story revolves around a brother and sister who are separated by circumstances caused by ideological differences.

Casts: Saugat Mall, Reecha Sharma, Mithila Sharma, Praween Khatiwada, Pramod Agrahari, Prakash Ghimire, Ashok Sharma, Dayahang Rai, Pushkar Gurung, Suresh Chand, Shrijana Subba, Bikram Singh Chaudhary, Avineet Malla, Kameshwar Chaurasia,Sangam Pulami,Anil Khadka.
Special Appearance: Tulsi Ghimire, Nischal Basnet, Dev Kumar Shrestha, Anil Pandey.
Colorist: Sudeep Shrestha
Title Sequence: Chime Tashi
Publicity Designer: Swapnil Acharya
Sound Design/Mixing: Uttam Neupane
Music: Gopal Yonjan, Abhaya & The Steam Injuns
Editing: Tsering Rhitar Sherpa, Sabina Basnet
Cinematography: Purushottam Pradhan
Screenplay: Tsering Chhoden, Kumar Bhattarai, Tsering Rhitar Sherpa
Associate Director/Producer: Tsering Choden
Story, Produced and Directed By: Tsering Rhitar Sherpa

All Rights Reserved © MILA PRODUCTION
Pvt.Ltd 2018

  • PASHUPATI PRASAD – Superhit Nepali Full Movie Ft. Khagendra Lamichhane, Barsha Shiwakoti

Tukee Arts & Dipendra K. Khanal Production Presents !!!

Starring: Khagendra lamichhane, Barsha Shiwakoti, Bipin Karki, Prakash Ghimire, Rabindra Singh Baniya, Mishree Thapa, Ashish Adhikari, Jack Shrestha
Music: Hari Lamsal
Action: Surya Thokar
Cinematographer: Nijaj Kadel
Editor: Dirgha Khadka
Executive Producer: Rojina Sitaula
Co-Producer: Arjun Karki (swami), Ashis Adhikari
Producer: Rajana Napit
Writer: Khagendra Lamichhane
Story/Direction: Dipendra K. Khanal

  • “KABADDI” Full Movie Ft. Daya Hang Rai

Nepali Movie KABADDI

Artist : Daya Hang Rai, Nishchal Basnet, Rishma Gurung, Rajan Khatiwada, Buddhi Tamang, Bijay Baral, Pushkar Gurung, Kabita Ale, Aruna Karki, Pashupati Rai, ShiShir wangtel,
Script / Director : Ram Babu Gurung
Producer : Nishchal Basnet , Sunil Chand Rouniyar
Camera : Purshotam Pradhan
Editor : Nibesh Shrestha
Music Director: Aadha Sur
Background Music: Rohit Shakya
Black Horse Pictures Pvt.Ltd.

  • KABADDI KABADDI – Nepali Full Movie Ft. Dayahang Rai, Saugat Malla, Rishma Gurung

Black Horse Pictures presents a Cinema Art production
Superhit Movie “Kabaddi Kabaddi”

Cast: Dayahang Rai, Saugat Malla, Rishma Gurung, Bijay Baral, Buddhi Tamang, Maotse Gurung, Upendra Subba, Shisheer Bangdel, Pushkar Gurung, Kabita Ale, Birmaya Gurung, Aruna Karki Pokhrel, Pashupati Rai, Junu Bista, Mani Ram Pokhrel, Kamal Mani Nepal, etc.
Written by: Ram Babu Gurung and Upendra Subba
Cinematography: Shailendra D. Karki
Editor: Nimesh Shrestha
Music: Kali Prasad Baskota
Background Score: Rohit Shakya
Sound Engineer: Uttam Neupane
Colorist: Nishu Pradhan
Action Choreographer: Kumar Maharjan
Production Design: Arjun Karki
Art Director: Suresh Karki and Hom BC
Costume Designer: Neelima Sharma and Aayan Khadka
Makeup: Amrit Marhattha
Publicity Design: Swapnil Acharya
Marketing Manager: Mani Ram Pokharel
Production Controllers: Balmiki Pokharel and Abshishek Subedi
Executive Producer: Nischal Basnet
Co-Producers: Om Chand Rauniyar and Arjun Karki
Producers: Raunak Bikram Kandel and Sunil Chand Rauniyar
Director: Ram Babu Gurung

  • HAMI TEEN BHAI | Superhit Nepali Full Movie | Shree Krishna Shrestha, Rajesh Hamal, Nikhil Upreti

Presenting Superhit Nepali Movie “HAMI TEEN BHAI”.

Nepali Full Movie/Film – Hami Teen Bhai
Starring- Rajesh Hamal, Shri Krishna Shrestha, Nikhil Upreti, Jharana Thapa, Nandita KC, Rekha Thapa
Producers: Basanta Kumar Shrestha and Ramesh Twayana
Story: Shiva Regmi
Director: Shiva Regmi

*More superhit Nepali full movies will be added here. Keep watching. Love Nepali Movies!

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