December 20, 2019


   1. Tell us something about you?

➤ Hi, Namaste. I’m Rabindra Ghemosu and 25 years old. I am a young IT Entrepreneur with 7 years of experience from different Business Fields. I was born in Bhaktapur city. My mother-language is Newari (Nepal Bhasa). I am comfortable with English, Nepali or Hindi Language as well. And, currently, I live in Suryabinayak – Bhaktapur, Nepal.

   2. What is your Education Background?

➤ I did SLC (Primary, Secondary Education) from Golden Gate English Secondary, Mahakalisthan – Bhaktaur, Nepal. And, I did +2 in Science from Bagiswori Higher Secondary School, Chymhasingha – Bhaktapur Nepal. Similarly, I did B.Sc (Physics Major) from Bhaktapur Multiple Campus and other Diploma and IT Training Courses from NAV Animation Studio, Yala Tech Hub.
More info provided below 👇🏼

  • Golden Gate English Secondary School
    Degree Name : SLC (School Leaving Certificate)
    Field Of Study : Mathematics and Computer Science
    Grade : From Play Group to Grade 10
    Dates attended or expected graduation :  – From Play Group to Grade 10
  • Bagiswori Higher Secondary School (+2 Science)
    Degree Name : +2 Science
    Field Of Study : Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics
    Dates attended or expected graduation :  – Activities and Societies : Studied +2 Science (Past) 2 years from 2011 to 2013 A.D
  • Bhaktapur Multiple Campus, T.U
    Degree Name : B.Sc (Physics Major)
    Field Of Study : Pure Science
    Grade : Bachelors
    2015-2018 A.D
  • Training/Certificates
    ➤ April Onward, 2017 (1 Month) Advance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training from Yala Tech Hub Pvt. Ltd., Kumaripati, Lalitpur, Nepal
    ➤December Onward, 2016 (5 Months) Video, Sound, Motion Graphic & V.F.X Editing from Nav 3D Animation Academy, Bagbazar Kathmandu, Nepal
   3. When, and Where did you start working?

➤ I started working right after my +2 Science around 2013 AD. I started a full-time job at an Oriental Cyber Cafe. After that, I worked as a senior assistant in shoe-business in Shrestha Shoes in Bhaktapur. Later I worked with a local Software Company known as KitBit IT Solution that provides software support and all kinds of solutions in co-operative, financial service. After that, I worked at Midas Education as a Jr. Video Game Developer. Keeping these behinds, I joined SongsNepal later. I worked here as a full-time staff as a Senior IT Assistant. After here, I joined Yala Tech Hub for SEO and Digital Marketing. And now, I am currently working at Music Nepal Pvt. Ltd. as Jr. Officer Business Development. Also, as a Life Insurance Agent at Citizen Life Insurance.

➤ In summary, I worked in different small as well as Top IT Companies in Nepal. They were Midas Technologies, SongsNepal, Music Nepal.

More info provided below (few) 👇🏼

  • Jr. Game Developer, Editor
    Company Name : Midas Education Pvt. Ltd.
    Dates Employed : March 2015 – September 2015
    Employment Duration : 6 mos
    Location : MiDas Bhawan, Jitjung Marg Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Job Done For/As: Jr. Game Developer, Editor (Game Department – MiDas eClass) | Action Script Code Programming, Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Photoshop


  • Senior IT Assistant and YouTube Service
    Company Name : SongsNepal (Nepal’s Top Media House)
    Dates Employed : Oct 2015 – Jul 2017
    Employment Duration : 1 yr 10 mos
    Location : Bagbazar, Kathmandu, Central Development Region, Nepal
    Job Done For/As: Senior IT Assistance, YouTube Service


  • Sr. SEO Specialist
    Company Name : Yala Tech Hub Pvt. Ltd. (Web Development and Digital Marketing)
    Dates Employed : Nov 2017 – Dec 2018
    Employment Duration : 1 yr 2 mos
    Location : Kumaripati Agnishal, Patan, Central Development Region, Nepal
    Job Done For/As: SEO {Rank Analysis, Keyword Analysis, Google Analytics, Google & Bing Search Console, On Page, Off Page (BackLinks), Social Media}, Email Marketing, WordPress, YouTube Projects, Video Production, Teacher (SEO).


  • Jr. Officer Business Development
    Company Name : Music Nepal
    Dates Employed : Dec 2018 – Present
    Employment Duration : 1 yr 8 mos
    Location : Anamnagar, Kathmandu
    Job Done For/As : Jr. Business Developer, R&D, SEO | ASO Specialist, YouTube Service, Social Media Manager, Creative Video Productions and Edit Service, Graphic Design, App In-charge, SMM, SMO, SEM, Marketing, Website, and App Support, etc.
   4. What is your total Working Experience?

➤ Total 4.5+ Years Till Date (Dec 2019) spent in Nepal’s well-known top companies only. Besides, if you let me calculate it, I should have spent 7 years already serving many in business fields.

   5. Do you currently work anywhere?

➤ Yes, I currently work as a full-time office staff at Music Nepal & part-time at Citizen Life Insurance Company Limited. Besides, I do several locals, international Projects related to SEO, ASO, Digital Marketing (SEM, SEO, ASO, SMO, SMM, CRO), Blogging, Video Editing, Graphics, Social Media, Domain, Web and Hosting, IT guidance, etc.

   6. What are the services you currently provide to your customer/clients and the pricing?

➤ Very good query. I love learning more and love more to apply it so that there is more ROI, Conversion. I provide my valuable efforts to my clients bringing the best results. And, they are really pleased with it. I am currently involved with:

  • Business Development (Guidance+Assistance)
  • SEO/ASO Campaigns (YouTube, Website, App)
  • Creative Video Edit/Production
  • YouTube Service (Expert Service)
  • Social Media Management
  • Full Website Package (Domain Registration+Web Hosting+Customization)
  • Life Insurance Consultant (Expert Advice Professionally)

If you need any of the services, you can contact me. Explore the pricing here at or directly call/inbox me at my Facebook Business Page ➥

   7. What are the skills you have earned so far?

➤ Thank you for this query as well. Below are the skills I have earned so far from my entire work experience:

[Industry Knowledge]

Business Development, Business Strategy, Research and Development (R&D), Business-to-Business (B2B), Business Analysis, Market Analysis, Revenue Analysis, Trend Analysis, Reporting & Analysis, Research, Public Relations, Social Media, Social Media Content Creation, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), ROI Strategies, SEO Audits, On-Page Optimization, Off-Page SEO, Keyword Research, Search Analysis, Domain Names, Domain Registration, Domain Management, Web Hosting, Website transfer, App Store Optimization, Mobile Applications, Analytical Skills, Audio Editing, Video Editing, Video Production, Image Editing, Graphics, Software Installation, Computer Repair, Electrical Troubleshooting

[Tools & Technologies]

YouTube, Google Analytics, Firebase, Google Play Console, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Photoshop, Premiere, Audition, After Effects, Domain and Hosting Panel

8. Where do you regularly update and share your detailed info?

You can get it at my updated LinkedIn Profile here ➥
Facebook Business Page ➥