Top 10 Richest Person of Nepal

A strong will, determination and hard work are needed to reach to the success point. Money is known as the indicator of success: to maintain the high class and status in any society of the world. Best entrepreneurs are taken as identical examples and offer comparative fundamental attributes. Through their hard work, strong determination and persistence, there are some Nepalese who fortune changed over time and are entitled the richest people.

These are Top 10 Richest Person of Nepal:

  1. Binod Chaudhary

Top 10 Richest Person of Nepal

Binod Chaudhary is a Nepalese businessman, industrialist and philanthropist and also the first Nepali to be listed on the Forbes list of Billionaire. He has property of the net worth of $ 1.7 billion. He is the current chairman of Chaudhary Group Nepal. Chaudhary Group also known as CG is one of the most famous group in Nepal with nearly 80 companies all over Nepal and the number is increasing. The Wai Wai is one of the most famous noodle in Nepal and different part of India produced by the CG group. He is also found to be involved in the different other companies in and outside the nation.

April 2022 Update (From the information of Wikipedia):
Breaking News: Binod Chaudhary becomes 1349th richest man in the world with 1.7 billion USD net worth…
Last time he was in 1563rd position with 1.5 billion USD.

June 2022 Update:
Nepal’s only Billionaire Binod Chaudhary has reached to 1917th position with net worth of $1.5 Billion in the recent Forbes Billionaire Ranking.

  1. Shesh Ghale

Top 10 Richest Person of Nepal

Shesh Ghale is the former President of NRNA (Non-Resident Nepalese Associations), business entrepreneur, founder is considered third richest man in Nepal currently residing in Melbourne city. He is also the CEO of MIT (Melbourne Institute of Technology) along with Jamuna Gurung, a co-founder and Director of the Institute. He was also ranked as the 99th richest person in Australia in the 2015 BRW Rich 200.

2021 Update (From the information of Wikipedia):
Breaking News: Non-Nepali resident Shesh Ghale’s net worth crossed $1 billion and becomes 2nd Nepal born billionaire after Binod Chaudhary. According to the AFR’s report, the couple has a net worth of $1.01 billion, a rise from $876 million last year.

  1. Upendra Mahato

Top 10 Richest Person of Nepal

Upendra Mahato is Nepalese origin businessman, currently living in Russia, where he is the president of the Russia-Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry and also the owner of the television factory in Voronezh, Russia. He is the honorary consul General of Nepal in the Republic of Belarus and was the former president of International Coordination Council ( ICC)

He had started his business as the electronic trader and now is estimated net worth is $250million to $1 billion. Currently, he has oil, electronics and real estate based in Russia with a million dollars worth of projects.

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  1. Ajay Sumargi

Top 10 Richest Person of Nepal

Ajay Sumargi, Estimated to worth 20-50 million, Chairman of Muktishree Group of Companies, is also one of the famous entrepreneurs of Nepal and among one of few Billionaire of Nepal. He is also the founding member of the telecommunication Spice Nepal with the brand name Mero Mobile which is now popularly known as Ncell, which started its operation with an investment of two billion.

In 2016, Ajay Sumargi has invested in dozens of business and commercials projects in Nepal which includes Muktishree telecom, a telecommunications company, Muktishree hydro, a hydropower company, Himalayas spring water, Hetauda academy and the national college for higher education (NCHE).

  1. Aditya Jha

Top 10 Richest Person of Nepal

Aditya Jha is among the Nepal’s one of the richest person in Nepal who is a non-resident Nepalese with original birth at Janakpur, Nepal. He is a Canada based entrepreneur, philanthropist and social activist startups with the net worth over $ 100 million. Aditya Jha is a Nepalese Canadian Entrepreneur, and company turnarounds with interests in Canada, India, Thailand and Nepal. He is the owner of Osellus inc, a software firm owner of karma candy, a world famous chocolate manufacturer. His migrated to Canada in 24 years back and joined bell Canada and later became the general manager there.

  1. Jiba Lamichhane

Top 10 Richest Person of Nepal

Jiba Lamichhane, millionaire businessman based in Moscow whose original birth place is Nepal. He is estimated networth more than $100 million He had gone Russia in 1986 for engineering and there he worked as a dealer for Samsung, Sony, and LG. He is currently the Managing Director of TV manufacturing company called Techno Trust makes and delivers Elson Brand LCD TVs for the Russian Market and now is one of the top Nepali people in Russia to successfully trade electronics goods. He also has been working in collaboration with Dr. Upendra Mahato.

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  1. Pashupati Shumsher Rana

Top 10 Richest Person of Nepal

Pashupati Shumsher Rana,  a politician from Rana Dynasty, was termed as one of the richest people of Nepal during the King rule with the net worth higher than King and still is one of the richest people of Nepal. He is estimated net worth is more than $250million. He is a chairperson of Rashtriya Prajatantra party and in back days used to own Nepal gas Nepal. Nepal Gas is company that is dominating the fuel supply industry in Nepal for many years.

During Panchayat era he served as Minister of Panchayat and Local Development (1986-1988), Ministry of Transport and Tourism (1978-1979) and various other full ministers and state ministers and after that era served as Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Nepal), Ministry of Finance (Nepal), Ministry of Water Resources and Communication (1990-1994), Minister of Water Resources (1995-1997 & 1997-1998).

  1. Balram Chainrai

Top 10 Richest Person of Nepal
Pic: Daily Mail

Balram Chainrai, the son of P.G. Chainrai, a British Gorkha Army, is a businessman related to real estate and electronics. He is of Nepali origin and but migrated to Hongkong with his family since his father was a British Army. Chainrai can speak several languages and is fluent in Cantonese, English and Sindhi. He started his business career quite early in life and is now a leading businessman in Hong Kong. His company manufactures and trades electronics goods, home appliances, toys, distribution of computers and related accessories, and trade finance activities.

  1. Rajendra Khetan

Top 10 Richest Person of Nepal

Considered as one of the most successful businessmen in Nepal with net worth is $100-$500Million, Rajendra  Khetan leads one of the oldest business of Nepal, the Ketan Group. The oldest among three brother,  Khetan currently is also the chairman of Laxmi Bank and Prime Life Insurance. The Khetan group has more than 13 organizations operating currently and has become important economic part all over Nepal.

  1. Jamuna Gurung

Top 10 Richest Person of Nepal

Born in Lamjung, Jamuna Gurung is the 8th richest woman in Australia who is estimated net worth is more than $260Million. She is Co-founder and managing director of Melbourne ITechnology along with her husband Shesh Ghale. Jamuna went to Australia in 1991 for studies and graduated with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and Management from the Swinburne University of Technology. She came with an intention of completing her studies but ended up being the owner of a huge campus with a combined net worth of $435 Million.

Nepal Idol vs The Voice of Nepal – Singing Reality Television Show

Talent hunt has been the best reality show people tend to enjoy a lot. They have gained their popularity for they have real average people with some serious talent in them. These shows showcase the talent of real person and not the actors. It is treated as a platform to gain name, fame and popularity that can uplift their talent and bring them in front of the world.

Similar shows are of Idols franchise and the voice franchise. These two shows have been famous all around the world. There are different versions of The Voice and the Idols according to the countries that adopt them. The most famous ones are “The Voice U.S.”, “The Voice India”, “The Voice Kids” etc. and “American Idol”, “Indian Idol” etc.

Now that these shows have recognized Nepal as a place where talent can be polished so that they can represent the country, Nepal Idol and The Voice of Nepal has been organized in Nepal as well by those two franchises.

About Nepal Idol and The Voice of Nepal:

Though both being similar kind of talent hunt show, they have differences in their format and how they have the selection done.

Nepal Idol

Nhyoo Barjracharya Kali Prasad Baskota Indira Joshi To Judge Nepal Idol
Pic By: NeoStuffs (Season 1, 2 and 3 Judges)

Nepal idol is a Nepali reality television singing competition that belongs to Idols franchise, created by Simon Fuller and owned by Fremantle Media. Nepal Idol 2017 was the first season of idol franchise in Nepal which was aired on AP1 TV.

There were three judges in the show Nhyoo Bajracharya, Indira Joshi and Kali Prasad Baskota. In the first season, auditions were held at seven cities Nepalgunj, Butwal, Narayangarh, Birgunj, Biratanagar, Pokhara and Kathmandu. Contestant from 16 to 30 years of age are allowed to take part in the audition. The winner of first season was Buddha Lama from Pokhara. There were 93,100,000 votes for the Grand Finale between two days according to the organizer.

2. Nepal Idol Season 2 Winner: Ravi Oad

3. Nepal Idol Season 3 Winner: Sajja Chaulagain

4. Nepal Idol Season 4 Winner: Bhupendra Thapa Magar

Watch Nepal Idol Season 1 ,2, 3, 4 – Episode 1 Here:

The show (Season 1) was hosted by television actor and model Sushil Nepal and actresses, model, VJ and television journalist Reema Bishwokarma. In the second season, Sushil was replaced by Aasif Shah, television producer, music video and TVC director, singer and actor.

Season 1 Detail:

Genre Reality Television
Created by Simon Fuller
Based on Idol TV Series
Written by Suresh Paudel
Directed by Laxman Paudyal (2017), Suresh Paudel, Lokesh Bajracharya, Aleen Shrestha (2018)
Presented by Aasif Shrestha, Reema Bishwokarma, Sushil Nepal
Judges Nhyoo Bajracharya, Kali Prasad Baskota, Indira Joshi
Narrated by Suresh Paudel
Theme Music Composer Julian Gingell, Barry Stone, Cathy Dennis
Country of origin Nepal
Producer Laxmi Prasad Paudyal
Cinematography Shivaram Shrestha
Running time 60 min+
Production company Annapurna Media Network, Fremantlemedia, 19 entertainment
Distributor FremantleMedia
Broadcaster AP1 TV

The Voice of Nepal

Abhaya Subba Sanup Paudel Deep Shrestha Pramod Kharel As Coach In The Voice of Nepal
Pic: WAVE (Season 1 Judges)

The Voice of Nepal is the Nepalese format to the bestselling TV singing reality series called “The Voice”. The audition for the show (Season 1) was taken through The Voice of Nepal App on iOS and Android. Total of 12,000 clips were submitted within 30 days even from NRNs from Japan, Australia, Dubai and India for the first Season.

The coaches were Deep Shrestha, Sanup Paudel, Abhaya Subba and Pramod Kharel for the first Season and the series was directed by Mr. Laxman Paudyal who is also the director of another hit Nepali singing reality show Nepal Idol season one.  The first episode of Season 1’s broadcast was done on Kantipur and Ramailo HD on August 25 2018. Simultaneously it was also released on YouTube channel The Voice of Nepal. The show was hosted by Sushil Nepal.

The Voice of Nepal Winners All:

1. The Voice of Nepal Season 1 Winner: CD Vijaya Adhikari

2. The Voice of Nepal Season 2 Winner: Ram Limbu

3.  The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Winner: Kiran Gajmer

Season 1 Detail:

Genre Reality Television
Created by John De Mol
Based on The Voice Series
Directed By Laxman Paudyal
Presented by Sushil Nepal
Judges Deep Shrestha, Sanup Paudel, Abhaya Subba, Pramod Kharel
Country of origin Nepal
Executive Producers Pralhad singh Mahat, Sushil Nepal
Producer Jeevan Acharya
Editors Anup Paudel, Sudeep Shrestha
Running Time 50 min +
Broadcaster Kantipur Television

Watch The Voice of Nepal Season 1, 2, 3 – Episode 1 (Blind Audition) Here:

Nepal Idol vs The Voice of Nepal

Both of these shows are concentrated towards bringing forward the talent Nepalese people have within themselves by giving them a proper platform and recognition. There are tiny bits of differences regarding the format else, they both are just same thing. Let’s discuss some similarities first.

Similarities between Nepal Idol and The Voice of Nepal:

  • Singing Reality Show

Both of these shows are singing reality show. Candidates bring their talent upon the stage and display it to the judges. Judges bound between some technicalities, takes decision about bring them forward or not based the same technicalities.

  • First Big Franchise in Nepal

Both of them are the first of their kind to have chosen Nepal to start a new series here. These series are well renowned all over the world and to have it in Nepal is just awesome.

  • Recognition to Talent

These shows provide recognition to the talents from different parts of Nepal who just couldn’t afford to expose themselves.

  • Platform to excel

This is a perfect platform to excel. If you have some talent of singing in you, you can apply on these shows and try your luck. If your talent is serious enough, you will surely shine bright through these platforms.

  • Voting

Both shows have winners chosen by the audience of Nepal. The audience seem to elect the most deserving on the winner.

  • Elimination

The contestant getting lowest vote has to depart from the show and the show marches forward towards the finish line with one winner.

Differences between Nepal Idol and The Voice of Nepal:

  • Audition

The audition process for the shows are different. The audition for Nepal is straight forward where judges interacts with the singers first and hear to just their voice, no music added. Whereas on The Voice, there is a blind audition where judges are only allowed to see the contestant when they are willing to take that singer in their team just by hearing.

  • Coaches Over Judges

Each of the judges are a coach for their team in The Voice, they train their team and prepare them for show format like Knockout, Battles, Live shows etc. On Nepal Idol, the judges are there to pick the singers qualities in singing and how they can clarify them more so they can emerge as a great singer.

  • Prize (May vary with Different Season and Business Plan)

Season 1: The winner of The Voice of Nepal Season 1 got cash prize of Rs. 25 lakhs, a brand-new car, Rs.20 lakh worth record deal and an opportunity to tour around the world. Whereas last time, the prize money for the Nepal Idol Season 1 winner was Rs. 20 lakhs, a Mahindra KUV 100 car and a record deal worth Rs. 15lakhs.

The Show and New Season are yet to release its episodes to the public and there can be many twists and plots that only producers and directors can decide. So, not having much differences, these shows are spreading the joy of hearing to such soothing voices that would have just let unnoticed if it wasn’t for these shows. The producers of these shows deserve a huge respect for bringing the respect to the Nepalese singers.