Bipul Chettri Aashish Lyrics


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Bipul Chettri Aashish Lyrics
Aashish (Blessings) is a very personal song for me as I wrote this tune after my daughter was born, but I hope it resonates as much with every person who has been blessed with a child.

Vocals, Guitars, Damphu by Bipul Chettri
Lyrics, Composition & Arrangement by Bipul Chettri
Recording, Mixing & Mastering by Anindo Bose (Plug N’ Play Studios, New Delhi)
Sarangi Recording by Kobid Bajracharya, Binaya Man Amatya

Bipul Chettri Aashish Lyrics


Indreni Rank Ko Cha Timro Nirmal Sansara
Kamal Ko Phoola Jhai Timro Kamulo Muhara

Sana Sana Paila Hidey
Thula Thula Asha Bokeyra

Jagat Lai Ujhyalo Parney Timro Hansayi
Hridai Ma Chapiney Sancho Timro Herayi

Timro Khusi Ma Nai
Mero Khushiyali Gaansey Cha


Jeewan Ko Baato Ma Timi Saadhai Agi Bada
Safalta Ko Shikhara Timi Saadhai Mathi Chada
Jeeta Bhaye Hara Duwai Lai Sweekarey Ra Hida
Ahankar Lai Timi Kahiley Aafnu Na Banaunu
Atyachar Kasai Ko Kahiley Kahiley Na Sahanu
Sukha Bhaye Pani Dukha Lai Na Birsi Rakhnu


Aashish Mero Yo Timi Phali Phuli Rahos
Prathana Cha Mero Timi Sadhai Sukhi Rahos
Andhakar Ma Jha Ujhyalo Deepa Nai Banos
Mamta Timi Hau Timi Nai Hau Lakshmi
Sundarta Timi Hau Timi Sabai Hau Chori
Mero Khali Hoina Sansar Ki Hau Timi Rani

{Nacha Hai Nani Zindagi Lai Angali Bacha Hai
Nacha Hai Nani Damphu Ko Timi Taalai Ma Nacha Hai
Peer Aye Gaama Ley Nacha Sukha Paye Khushi Ley Nacha} (x5)

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An Interpretation by Manoj Pandey for Bipul Chettri Aashish Lyrics


Frail colours of the rainbow
make your world, you see.
A dainty flower-like thing
is what you seem to me.

In your tender little steps
I see my tenuous dreams.
In your unsullied smile
I see the clear streams.

The wonder in your eyes
ink the letters in my heart.
As if to say without saying,
May we never be apart.

Never may you ever
lose sight of the way.
May the glories of life
always liven your day.

Win some, lose some,
insist on ploughing on.
Take pride in who you are;
let no one say, ‘you’re done’.

May the wrongs of others
never wrong your life away.
May the light of your happiness
help others find their way.

May this blessing of a father
always bloom your day.
May this prayer of a father
shelter you when I’m away.

May you see the light
even in a glimmer.
Oh my tender little love,
my goddess, my redeemer.

If ever there be beauty
it is only in you I see.
And I’m not the only beholder,
take a look around me.

Embrace the joy of life,
dance to the tune of it,
For there’s nothing more or less
than the heart of its beat.

Dance to the tune of joy,
dance to the song of grief.
For there’s nothing more to life,
Than the phrase, ‘joie de vivre’.

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