Bashudev Kc Oh Priye Lyrics ft Arun Chhetri and Aanchal Sharma

VIBE & WAVE -“OH PRIYE” Bashudev Kc | Arun Chhetri & Aanchal Sharma. Its lyrics is here for you.

Oh Priye Cast and Crew:
Audio Credit:-
Song : Oh priye
vocal : Bashudev kc
Lyrics/music : Bashudev kc
Album : Rising Sun
Arrange : Mohit munal
Guitar : Tsujil karmacharye/Mohit munal
Mixing/mastaring : Kishan shrestha
Recordist : Dj mewahang
Studio : Realtime creation

Video Credit:
Directed/Choreo/Story by Rahul Shah
Artists: Arun Chhetri and Aanchal Sharma
Supported Artists : Shilu Pokhrel/Ava Pandey/Devanshi Baidawar
Cinematography/Edit by Pawan Susling
MUA : Zulekha Khan

Dancers Credit:
Senior Group

Junior Group:
Devanshi /Prasanna/Babin/Smrika/Ankrita/Samip

Bashudev Kc Oh Priye Lyrics will be added here soon.

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