September 24, 2018

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About this website:
This site has been created to help you explore all Religious, Ethnic, Cultural Aspects, Travel Guide/Destinations around the country NEPAL. Besides, this website tends to provide all the “Tech News and Technology Approaches” that exist and will arrive in Nepal. We also publish Nepali Online News and discuss many other hot topics that represent Nepal and Nepali.
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More Information:
Website Created By: Rabindra Ghemosu (Owner)
Side Partners: Rucase Tamakhu & Sajin Manandhar
Website Partner: RichNepal YouTube Channel
With Team “Rich Nepal”, our mission is to promote those Nepalese Art and Cultures all over the world. Do check the YouTube channel!

About Rabindra Ghemosu:

Rabindra Ghemosu

Top Companies and Clients he (Rabindra Ghemosu) has been involved/contributed till date:

  1. Music Nepal
    Music Nepal
  2. SongsNepal
  3. Midas
    Midas eClass
  4. Saptak Dutraj (Top 4 Finalist of Voice of Nepal’s Season 1)
    The Voice of Nepal
    Saptak Dutraj

For Business inquiries, you may contact Rabindra Ghemosu on following contact detail:

Cell (Ntc): +977 – 984-993-0324
Address: Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur

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