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Nepali Sad Love Song “Aavash” and its lyrics by Ujjwol Giri.

Song Aavash Lyrics


Yo Kasto Aavash Ho
Timro Yaad Jhanai, Jhanai
Pyaro Bho

Ko Kasto Aavash Ho
Timro Yaad Jhanai, Jhanai
Pyaro Bho

Music Gap….

Yeta, Uta Farki Herda
Vidma Aafu Yeklai Dulda
Timi Auney Bato Herdai Maya
Kurna Jhanai, Jhanai
Saaro Bho

Music Gap….

Kuri Basaechhu Timlai Tehi
Timle Bhaneko Naulo Thauma
Lekhisakein Yeuta Geet
Maile Feri, Feri
Timrai Naauma

Yo Mero Maya Nai Ho
Samaya Pani, Dhilo Bho

Music Gap….

Yo Kasto Aavash Ho
Timro Yaad Jhanai, Jhanai
Pyaro Bho

Timro Yaad Jhanai, Jhanai
Pyaro Bho

Pyaro Bhoooo……Pyaro Bho, Pyaro Bho…..(End)

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