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Technology News | Nepal

Nepal is approaching towards latest Technology via different organizations and developments in a motto to make a Smarter Nepal. Also, Nepal is making a platform for entrepreneurs bringing the latest technolygy news, interesting startup stories and promoting every technological terms that exist and will arrive in the country.

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Religious Nepal

Nepal is not only rich in natural beauties but also in cultural, historical and religious aspects. This Himalaya kingdom is popular for the oldest Hindu and Buddhist dynasties, yet there is harmony with all religious aspects.

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Nepali Culture

Nepal is really rich with its cultural aspects as here are many different ethnic groups. Many of ethnic groups have high degree of tolerance of different clothes, language, culture and lifestyles.

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Nepal Travel Guide and Destinations

Nepal, the Federal Democratic Republic country is known to be the Himalayan country with its wide travel destinations. From deep gorges to towering mountains, Nepal is the ideal travel destination for adventurers and relaxation-seekers alike.

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This site has been created to help you explore all Religious, Ethnic, Cultural Aspects, Travel Guide/Destinations around the country NEPAL. Besides, this website tends to provide all the "Tech News and Technology Approaches" that exist and will arrive in Nepal. We also publish Nepali Online News and discuss many other hot topics that represent Nepal and Nepali. Please visit our "Blog" section which is located on the top-right corner to explore all these hot topics.

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